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    What is Hip-Hop Music?

    Hip-Hop is a music genre that came into existence in the mid 1970’s. In The Bronx borough of New York City, Disc Jockeys (DJ’s) began to isolate the percussion break from funk and disco songs. They began speaking between songs in order to excite the attendees and this, in time, developed into what is known as “rapping.” For this reason, Hip-Hop is also referred to as “rap” or “rap music.”

    Hip-Hop music is composed of an instrumental track created by a producer that accompanies a performer (rap artist) and is referred to as a “beat.” A beat can be a sample of a percussion break of some other song usually of a funk or soul style. To augment the beat, usually other sounds are introduced.

    Hip-Hop has become a significant component of pop culture and is made up of four constituent parts; Rapping, DJ’ing, Hip-Hop Dance (breakdancing) and Urban Art (graffiti).

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